The Canadian War cemetery at Groesbeek 


The address of the Canadian war cemetery are:

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Zevenheuvelenweg 38 
6561ES Groesbeek


Canadian military cemetery in Groesbeek a digital monument !!

The Faces To Canadian War Graves Groesbeek Foundation, chaired by Alice van Bekkum wants to create a digital monument for the fallen soldiers buried at the Canadian War Cemetery in Groesbeek. The foundation is pleased to have found some volunteers who want to participate in research for this enormous challenge. If you like to get more information about this project click on the image above. If you like to help to accomplish this project, please contact:


Memorial day May 4 2017


In memory of Jacob Henry Wolfe.

For more information can you click on the Photograph.


Canadian military cemetery in Groesbeek filmed with a Drone.

Click on the photo above to watch the video which lasts 48 seconds.


All the gravestones  (But I'm not certainly, maybe some stons are missing, i think not all photographs are uploaded  yet.)  of the Canadian heroes of the Military Cemetery to Groesbeek

All the gravestones (to see in a slate show) of the Canadian heroes can you see by clicking on the above photograph.


Since March 2011, a book that deals with the history of Canadian War Cemetery at Groesbeek and the seven hills. To learn more click  on the picture below. (This book is  in Dutch only read.  


Remembrance at the Canadian military cemetery in Groesbeek May 3, 2015


For more information of these heroes can you click on the photograph.


The Canadian War Cemetery in Groesbeek at 2 mai 2015

 Large memorial service at the Canadian military Cemetery in Groesbeek.


Canadian War Cemetery is the final resting place for 2,617 soldiers killed, most of which Canadians from the Second World War. This beautifully situated "War Cemetery" is located on the Zevenheuvelenweg in the Dutch town of Groesbeek. The cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


The history of the Canadian War cemetery in Groesbeck

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