Het Oorlogsdagboek van Mej. P Dozy over de periode 10 Juni - 6 juli 1945 Vervolg

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45I - SCHRIFT-2 Vervolg

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18. In the afternoon to Trees' birthday we three. A cool visit notwithstanding the hot
weather; {onleesbare tussenzin}.

19. Tuesday. In the after[noon] to the old ladies Hamer who came back 2 days ago. Very glad to
be back. In the evening to Henriėtte {v.d.Meulen} who stayed here on a visit. In de morning walked along Boersteeg, had long talk with farmer v.d.Poll, who told how in September the Americans held den heuvel and the G. made trenches at the Wyler side. Saw the horse at the Lubert that was killed by a mine, two more horses grazing in the same meadow.In the little ... near us 9 boobytraps found.

20. Wednesday. Awfully hot and close. The man from the Hemeltje burried to-day. Killed by
a boobytrap because he pulled at a wire. Tragic coincidence: he already had cleared away about eighty or ninety boobytraps and mines. Heard how one time the G. advanced this winter as far as the school; the v.d.Laan people suppose the trench behind their garden is a G. one. The G. also were once at the Wolfsberg.
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June. The last people came back from Belgium.

21. Thursday. In the ev. Engl. lesson nurse v.D. Got linen a.s.o. and presented me with a bath
towel. To-day the food-transports to G. that went from Groningen over Delfzijl stopped, after the Dutch protest against it. Montgomery guaranteed the G. 2000 calories, we only get 1850.

23. Saturday. This evening a farmers cart touched a mine about den Heuvel: two man dead, two
severely wounded. Mrs.Nillesen died to-day in Nijm. hospital, quite unexpectedly. One day of this week 65 soldiers buried.

24. Sunday. In the afternoon Marie came with our servant girl Annie; the family was evacuated to
Belgium, they only came back a week ago. As her family is billeted in the camping centre of v.Stockum and we have no spare bed to lodge her she can't come back just now, the distance being te far to walk every day across the wood, and rather to lonely too. Their own house is completely ruined, a brick road made across the fields.

Tuesday 26. Funeral of mrs Nillesen, Zus, Jan and I went to the service.

Wednesday 27. At 7¼ on foot to Ravenstein, rather cold weather, rain threatening, got a lift
from St.Walrik to Alverna only. Saw the Am. cemetry at Molenhoek, about 800{?} buried there. Crossed the Maas in rowing boat, got to v.K. place at about 12½, nice reception.

Thursday 28. Saw Ineke off, afterwards to Miss Suermondt, very nice. In the afternoon to Mrs
B{?} made the acquaintance of Mies the nurse, the sister that was this winter in Gooi, and to Mrs. Piree in het lonely room. To-day the Queen visited the Betuwe. The new ministery of Schermerhorn, made an excellent impression by his maidenspeech.
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Fryday 29. The Queen's first visit to Amsterdam. In the morning walk to Neerloon, saw the baby
there. The meadows lovely all a flower, many fine flowers in the ditches. Supped at Mrs. Berben. Heard about Amsterdam: in January people had the greatest difficulty to get their dead buried, they often stayed in the houses for weeks. The G.D. having one car only and the grave-

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