Het Oorlogsdagboek van Mej. P Dozy over de periode 8 Juli - 12 Oktober 1945

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45J - SCHRIFT-2 

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Sunday 8. Zus, Jan, Ineke and I to church, excellent sermon of rev. Nieuwenhuizen.

Monday 9. In the morning Z. and J. in his carriage and I to the Wolfsberg, saw the damage of the
house, - even the floors broken out and everything smashed - and the trenches. In the evening 2 sergeants of the I.S.{?} came to look for billets.

Tuesday 10. This evening with nurse v.D. to Marie Fleuren, they told how the husband went to
have a look at the house just after the offensive of February, nearly everything was in it, coming back in March all was gone. The house of Henriette buried down just before they returned, some soldiers probably lost their lives in it. Afterwards to Hagemans, nice reception, they are now in the other half of the house, their part being ruined.

Wednesday 11. In the morning Z. and I. to the Horst, visited Mrs Theunissen in her pultry-
house, by the way it was very nicely arranged.

Friday 13. In the morning to Rhätia to fetch the milk. Saw Hein, who said his wound was quite
better, but he lookes bad. Saw the house upstairs and the Nsb. furniture, rich and tasteless. Fine view from the balcony.
{In de marge: Saturday 14. The rye was mown at the field near us.}

Sunday 15. We three to church, fine sermon of rev. v.Dijk of Nijmegen. In the evening to Miss
Herzog and miss Gildemeester. Yesterday already there was a serious fire in the Reichswald. This evening we saw the flare and sometimes the flames going up.

Monday morning the Wederopbouw were ordered to the Reichswald to help extinguish the fire.

Tuesday 17. The fire is burning shell, fosforbombs feeding it. To-day 2 accidents again; one at the
Breedeweg church a mine being hidden in the ruins, one dead, one at the field of Verkade, where no one was hurt.
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Saturday 21. With nurse van Dieren in the evening - it being very hot in the day - to the Bruuk,
along the new road the soldiers made, back by the Breede Weg. Fine evening, the sun lighting up the N.seam of the Forest and showing clearly the damage done to the trees. From the place where the mill formerly was all the houses, mostly farms, in ruins; the trees, mostly fruit-trees barren and branches broken, some quite black by burning, a pityous sight. The school quite gone, so is the church, the parsonnage and the nursery, only the image of Christ standing erect in what once was the garden. An image of St.Anthony with box to collect funds for a new church. We saw the interior of a very nice nood-house, a carpenter living there. This family had to leave on 25-9-'44, the G. being there and the All. at the church. They fled to the house they had near the church, the forest was going to be bombed, as they told them. This did not happen that night, but still they were not permitted to go back. Some new nood-farms erected, and some poultry-houses as dwellings. Two miserable sheds, the one as house, the other as pigsty.

24. To-day got a letter from Bob from Australia, so he is living still! This morning with
J. to Wyler, it was very hot.

25. This afternoon Jan Henkemans came to us. Yesterday evening Z.,I. and I to
Visschers, to see Theo's first child. Lovely warm evening.

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