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Prager, Clarence - Citation: Clarence Prager, 15114194, Staff Sergeant, 505th Parachute Infantry, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy on 17-18 September 1944, in Holland.  Staff Sergeant Prager, with a small combat team consisting of an eight man light machine gun section, a bazooka team, and approximately thirteen riflemen, established four strongpoints in enemy territory for the protection of the successful glider landings in Holland.  Staff Sergeant Prager led his men along the planned route and at three of the four positions encountered determined resistance.  At the first position he personally destroyed two machine gun positions.  By effective participation and dominant leadership ability he directed his men in the destruction of the enemy and the establishment and consolidation of four strong positions of his own.  The final strongpoint was set up[on] in the German held [Reichswald], by a superior enemy.  To insure the maintenance of his first three positions, Staff Sergeant Prager ordered his BAR team back to the third strongpoint and alone held off the German assault with Thompson submachine gun fire at point blank range.  The conspicuously superior leadership and invincible courage displayed by Staff Sergeant Prager assured the security of the glider landing zone.  His conduct exemplified the highest traditions of the Airborne Forces of the United States Army.  Entered military service from West Virginia.