Welcome back in Groesbeek John



After eighteen years is John where back to his own beautiful small village Groesbeek, where he lives from  1950 to 1968.


Here you see me with my new Canadian friend from the place  penticton  John Hopmans. Here you see John Hopmans with my girlfriend Desireé Albers.


My first  meeting with my new friends out Canada John Hopmans and Colleen Clark


Sunday 19 June was a day that I will not forgot. On this day have I saw my new Friends John Hopmans and Colleen Clark for the first time.  It was an exacting day this Sunday. I arrive by Car at 14.15 by one of John sisters in Groesbeek Then we go to the place wear John has becomes an interview together with the reporter of a Dutch week paper called 'The Bridge" that we have at 14.30 in Groesbeek. We all have have a very nice afternoon  in Café Hopmans where becomes John the interview. After the interview we have all a lot of talking and some drinking together. It was a very nice afternoon and a beautiful weather with much sun in Groesbeek. Round 16.45 we go to the house of  Leo Zilessen  (Leo and I are the friends of John Hopmans) we all  have there two hours a little party with much talking and to laugh together with some drinking at eating, John and his wife Colleen have we give some presents of Holland. John was for a moment very emotion when he saw his wonderful presents the give their Dutch friends to him and his wife Colleen. Round 18.00 we must say goodbye to the Canadian guests, John and Colleen have will much longer to visited us, but the have very little time because the must to visited many friends of John and the go to several towns in Holland. John and Colleen it was a very emotion and historic day the 19 of June 2005. And I think that the interview that all the people of Nijmegen and area read very proud is to this Dutch-Canadian couple out Canada. John and Colleen very very thanks for the fantastic moments we hope all that we have seen you again in the summer of 2008 in Canada. 

Thank you dear friends from Canada and we hope to see you both soon, in about three years, in the summer of 2008"

Desireé Albers - Leo Zilessen - Babs Bosman en Michel Janssen 

Later this year still the are more photographs witch made by John and Colleen themselves.

Colleen show to us how gladly she is with the Dutch souvenirs. John and Colleen dearly and a happy couple
John in ideas sunk Colleen enjoy with full toughen with all attention which our Canadian friends have.

John and Colleen together in the garden at one of the sisters of John.

Laughing Colleen full proudly its souvnier see which she has got of  the Dutch friends.
John en Colleen are sitting on a bank to listen to their new Dutch friends On this picture can you a tired John Hopmans.
Here can you see John with beside him are very charming Canadian woman. A happy Canadian couple from Canada
Here you see John unpacking one of his much gifts of his Dutch friends